Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Liberal Criticism of the Marxist System of Justice

Liberals say that the Marxist’s are not even able to deliver justice by their own definition of justice –
“ From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”.

Explain how the liberals argue that the Marxist’s have a deluded idea of the nature of man.  

Talk about how the nature of man affects the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  

You also need to show how a decreasing GDP affects the Marxist state's ability to meet the needs of the people.  

The following factors influence a diminishing Gross Domestic Product : low  motivation and low productivity;  low morale and  low loyalty;  lack of creative competitiveness and  low appeal on the global market .  

How do the Marxists get around the problem of motivation?  

Why do the Liberals argue that they still are deluded?

Here are a few tips to help you structure a good case –  why does it…, how does it…., what happens then……what is the conclusion?  

The Liberal Criticism of the Marxist Concept of Justice

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What would you do?

I just read a really moving and touching article about a young man who did an extraordinary thing.  It made me ask myself if I would have done the same?  Would you have done the same?


On the 20th of May a teenager decided not to celebrate his 18th birthday by spending the afternoon with his family and friends, but instead to “guard” a young 8 year old boy from any harm coming to him.
On his way home a Bluff Christian Academy Grade 12 pupil Mpilo Mhlongo saw a fellow pupil of his school aged eight(8) standing at the taxi rank isolated. He approached the boy and enquired as to why he is catching a taxi home so late after sport practice. The young boy told him that his transport never arrived so he decided to walk to the taxi rank hoping to catch a taxi home. Fortunately the young boy knew his mother’s mobile number and Mpilo could contact the child’s mother. The mother was alarmed as she was under the impression that her son was collected by the transport she had arranged for him and that he was at safe home. The mother could not arrange to be relieved from work and made alternative arrangements for her son to be collected.

Mpilo decided that he was not going to let the boy wait by himself and sat with the 8 year old till his transport arrived at 18h00. During the interview Mpilo said : “ It was getting dark, and the police always comes to our school and informs us about stranger danger, child trafficking and we hear about children being abducted daily. I was not going to let this happen to the boy and I decided to wait with him. It was the right thing to do and I think any other responsible person would have done the same”.

Mpilo never told anybody about his good deed. A few days later the 8 eight year old boy informed his teacher of Mpilo’s good deed, who in turn told the Head Mistress.

SAPS, Brighton Beach Management commends Mpilo on his unselfish act of reaching out to the stranded 8 year old boy and keeping him safe and protected till his transport arrived.
Child trafficking is a reality in South Africa, and Mpilo’s unselfish act could have prevented this 8 year old boy from becoming just another statistic. 

For his unselfish act of reaching out and creating a safe environment for the 8 year old boy SAPS, Brighton Beach Management awarded Mpilo with a SAPS, Brighton Beach Safer Communities Medal and Certificate.

This Public Information is sponsored by ADT Security ( Pty ) Ltd.

Kind Regards
Captain Louise Le Roux
Sub-Section Commander : Communication Services

Congratulations class of 2013 APHI 111

The marks are in the main system and I am happy to report that most students did relatively well.  A record number of students received distinctions for their written final.  The final mark however is calculated, taking into account the portfolio (the weekly tests), the oral exams, the summative exam and the final exam - each part is weighted differently and is calculated to deliver a final mark for the semester.  To have performed well for this course, you must have been dedicated to your studies all semester long.  Congratulations to all who did well.

It was evident by the type of answers written by the students who didnt perform well, that the problem might be that they simply didnt attend lectures or were not responsible enough to commit to writing or preparing themselves well.  Hopefully - they will be able to see how negatively a blase attitude to studies affects their chances in their lives sooner than later and will make concerted efforts to get on board the Success Train next Semester.

Hopefully, I will see you all next semester.  It has been one of the best semester's of my teaching career.

Sunday, 19 May 2013


Before I begin my post today, I want to take a few lines to express my deepest condolences to the family of our legendary Vuyo Mbuli.  It was with deep shock and sadness that I learned of his untimely passing this morning.  Mr Mbuli will certainly be remembered as one of the most gracious, fair, honest, intelligent, insightful, compassionate men of superb integrity.  He was undoubtedly one of the few people in our country embraced and loved universally.   He lived and demonstrated with sublime grace all the values we wish to have for ourselves in moral character and in his mastery of philosophical, objective analysis as a thinker and journalist was unparalleled.  May he rest in peace.

To get ready for the Semester One, Term two Oral and Final Exams, here are a few hypothetical scenarios that you may want to practise answering.


Sipho and Nokuthula are in trouble.  They have only been married for a few months, and it already seems like they are headed for divorce.  They simply cannot stop fighting with each other.  They decide to see a psychotherapist to help with their marital difficulties.

Sipho says that Nokuthula is a mess.  She is not a good housekeeper, she spends too much money, she doesnt seem to worry if there is any food for him when he comes home from work, in fact he often comes home to find her in the middle of a very messy art or craft project.  Instead of buying groceries, she spends the money on art supplies and other frivolous things.  She is fooled by every conman with a "sob story" and will give whatever money she has foolishly to anyone.

If you were the psychotherapist - how would you explain to
Sipho why Nokuthula is the way she is.  
(HINT:  it has something to do with Freud's theory of the Psychosexual stages - and in this case --> the anal stage of development.  Remember that there are two types of personality traits that might arise out of things that go wrong during this stage - an Anal-retentive personality and an Anal-expulsive personality.  Which type of personality do you think Nokuthula is?  How did she get to be like that?
You may go to this post to refresh your understanding - http://austinahiv.blogspot.com/2013/05/psychosexual-stages-its-effect-on.html


You work at a Mental Health Clinic that
specialises in Freudian Psychoanalysis.  You go to see your supervisor about your co-worker is driving you nuts.  She is one of the most irritating people you have ever had to deal with.  

She is the kind of person, who always butts into conversations without asking.  No matter who you are talking to, even if she just walks into the room where you are having the conversation with someone else - she just inserts herself into your conversation without invitation.  

She always talks as if she is the ultimate authority on EVERYTHING - she is a super know-it-all.  She will talk louder than everyone else so that all attention is directed to her.  That is not even the worst part, if she decides that she is done with a subject then she will insist on changing it and will talk loudly enough to drown out everyone else so that everyone starts talking about what she wants to talk about.

She is mean-spirited and will often say unkind, sarcastic and nasty things about people behind their backs while pretending to be nice to them to their faces.  When she wants to be mean-spirited to you, she will raise her voice and say ugly, hurtful things.

That is not all - the company pays for tea, coffee and snacks for employees.  Your co-worker eats and drinks the lion's share of it without considering whether others have had something to eat or drink or not.  

What do you think your supervisor, a qualified Psychotherapist would say about your co-worker's annoying personality traits?  How would the supervisor explain the process that shaped your co-workers current personality?

(HINT:  You need to examine Freud's theory of the Oral stage of development.  Remember that there are two types of personality traits that form if there is too much or too little gratification during this stage - the oral-passive personality and the oral aggressive personality.  How is it that one becomes one or the other type of personality?  Which type of personality is your coworker?  


Sartre is observing the conversation between the psychotherapist,
Sipho and Nokuthula.  Nokuthula says to the Psychotherapist that she shouldnt be blamed or held accountable for her personality traits, that she was in effect "made this way" by events that occurred in her childhood, of which she has control over.  She says that she doesnt think she can change but she wants to keep her marriage and relationship to Sipho.  She reckons that Sipho must just understand and deal with it.  At this stage, Sartre jumps in and accuses Nokuthula of being in "bad faith".  How would he argue that this is the case?

(HINT:  Remember that the most important thing about bad faith is that you know the truth, but you lie to yourself for some kind of personal gain, or to make yourself feel better about something.  What could Nokuthula be gaining from lying to herself.  What is she lying to herself about? )

You may refresh your memory of what bad faith is by going here --> http://austinahiv.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-existentialist-perspective-jean.html

Monday, 13 May 2013

"Beneath your Beautiful" - Labrinth & Emeli Sande - are they in love with "Phallic personalites?

I was listening to this song the other day and considering the lyrics - to me it seems as if they are both talking about someone who has built up a wall, someone who is afraid to commit.  I was thinking that maybe the song is about being in love with someone who has a phallic personality that either suffers from the Oedipal or the Elektra Complex.

 What do you think?  Watch the video below - it contains scrolling lyrics.

If you were a friend of the two characters singing the song - would you tell them to give up this love - that its pointless to try with someone like this, seeing that the personality traits are really a feature of the unresolved conflict in the Phallic Psychosexual stage of development?

How would you explain to them why these people are like that - according to a Freudian interpretation of the Psychosexual Stages of Personality Development?  Watch this and think about it!

It's a great track too - dont you think?